Discover #HEFORSHE

Convinced that diversity is a fundamental performance driver, Groupe Renault is developing and promoting the complementarity of the backgrounds and personalities of its teams.

To encourage more employees, particularly men, to get involved in gender equality issues, Groupe Renault has decided to deploy the #HeForShe solidarity movement internally.

The aims is to give everybody the opportunity to play an active role, through simple, practical actions. This will help to create a supportive environment where everybody is able to express their talent and that will therefore benefit collective performance.

Because, ultimately, if diversity is a reality, inclusion (≠exclusion) is a choice !

Because there is evidence such as equality between women and men it seems good and necessary to recall; because the joint school should lead to gender parity; because it would be a shame to deprive us of gender equality; because it would be a shame to deprive us of the right to equal opportunities; because mixed-gender schools should lead to gender parity; because we should finally stop having men's and women's jobs, men's businesses and women' businesses; because stereotypes have a hard life; You can mobilize on the HeForShe website to change attitudes and change inappropriate behaviours.
Oliver Faust
Groupe Renault CSR director

Taking action to promote #heforshe

Groupe Renault is focusing primarily on the issue of Work, though everybody is naturally free to take action / get involved in other areas (health, education, violence, politics, identity…).

If you can move mountains, you can move molehills ! Being HeForShe means Taking Action, at any level !