& #HeForShe

WORK - More specifically, what can I do ?

Everybody can play an active role, through simple, practical actions. This will help to create a supportive environment where everybody is able to express their talent and that will therefore benefit collective performance.

Here is a list of practical actions that are easy to implement individually. This list was put together by Groupe Renault employees, both men and women, in different countries. These are just a few of the many ideas possible. Now it's up to you !


"I spread the word: " gender equality adds value to the workforce ! "

"I challenge sexism remarks"

"I speak out about the absence of gender equality in work groups"

"I spread the word about HeForShe"

"I encourage my staff to join HeForShe"

"I have the courage to expose stereotyping and bias"

"Expatriation / professional mobility / access to managerial positions : I give female candidates equal consideration"

"I avoid stereotyping, at home too"

"Recruitment :  I make sure that I have resumes from both men and women, whatever the rank or job to be filled"

"I respond positively to requests from men for parental leave"

"I organize mixed male/female working groups to take full advantage of the wealth of diversity"

"I make sure that measures to promote a better work / life balance are not reserved for women alone"

"I make sure that men and women have equal speaking time (in meetings, conferences, etc.)"

"I don't only ask women questions relating to their private lives"

"I do not turn down the requests for teleworking (work / life balance)"

"I can change my business card / email signature to reflect my female identity"

"I pay attention to the possible difficulties facing women joining predominantly male teams and vice versa"

"I know that a good work-life balance makes the brand more attractive, particularly to young people"