WORK - More specifically, what can I do ?

Everybody can play an active role, through simple, practical actions. This will help to create a supportive environment where everybody is able to express their talent and that will therefore benefit collective performance.

Here is a list of practical actions that are easy to implement individually. This list was put together by Groupe Renault employees, both men and women, in different countries. These are just a few of the many ideas possible. Now it's up to you !


  1. I must find out what the word "sexism" actually means.

Sexism: includes all bias and discrimination based on a person's sex and gender. This term may be used either for both sexes or both genders. It extends to gender-role stereotypes, including the belief that one sex or gender is intrinsically superior to the other.

  1. I must tell a little girl from my circle that she can be an IT specialist, an engineer, a technician, or a race car driver when she grows up, etc.
  2. I must learn the difference between diversity and parity.

Diversity includes people of both sexes, eg more women in engineering and more men in communications and HR.

Parity means that every sex/gender is equally represented.

  1. I watch women's sports
  2. I must challenge sexist remarks.
  3. I must have the courage to expose stereotyping and bias.
  4. I will respond positively to requests for parental leave from men.
  5. Recruitment/employee transfers/expatriation/becoming a manager: I must make sure that I have resumes from both men and women, whatever the rank or job to be filled.
  6. Inviting people to speak at non-mixed round-table discussions: I must suggest to the organizers that they respect male/female diversity.
  7. I must remove all sexist posters and decorations at work, or ask that they be removed
  8. I must encourage telecommuting
  9. The speaking time game: in a meeting, I'll measure the women's/men's speaking time and then debrief the coworkers who attended the meeting (or do it right there, in the meeting)
  10. I will take a day off when our child is sick.
  11. Say "Human Rights", not "Men's Rights"
  12. I must ensure there is diversity in the task forces I organize.